Note: After payment is complete, please download or save a copy of the application form to complete and submit.


An application form must be completed by all visitors seeking an extension of their stay for tourist purposes.

There is a Visitors Extension application fee of CI $50.00 for the first application and CI $100.00 for each additional application. The fees constitutes a processing fee only and does not imply that an extension of stay will be granted as each application is dealt with on its own merits.

The applicant must provide evidence of his ability to support himself in the Cayman Islands. If an applicant is dependent upon hospitality being furnished by a friend or relative, the applicant is advised to have his host provide proof of support to avoid delay.

The below list of documents (not exhaustive) should be presented together with the application to aid in the processing of an application.  

·         Processing fee

·         Travel documents

·         A onward ticket or confirmed reservation

·         The landing card (E/D Card).

·         Proof of finances, or if being sponsored, the sponsors proof of solvency

·         Birth certificate

·         Marriage certificate

·         Evidence of Property/Land registration  

·         Bail bond

·         Deed poll

·         Health Insurance

·         Doctor’s note 

·         Custody or Guardianship agreements

You may be asked to provide other detailed information particular to your application that is not listed above, should an Officer require it.

Applicants who have applied on-line must include contact information that will allow and be able to accept video calls for mediums such as Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype, or another platform, to confirm identity within 24/48 hours of submission.