The Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control (CBC) Service is responsible for the protection of our borders, the collection of Import Duties, Package tax, and Warehouse fees under the Customs and Border Control Law and Regulations.  CBC is also responsible for the management of travel and trade.

Our Vision

To strengthen the security and stability of the Cayman Islands through an intelligence-led risk management approach.


To collect and protect revenue, facilitate legitimate travel and trade while providing effective border management for the safety of our environment, citizens, and visitors.


Ø  Accountability – we are individually and collectively accountable for our actions.


Ø  Passion – we care immensely about the security and safety of the Cayman Islands, its people, and visitors. We value and encourage teamwork, personal development, innovation, and creativity.


Ø  Integrity – we commit to act ethically and professionally while maintaining impartiality, fairness, and consistency.


Ø  Excellence – we commit to delivering world-class customer service to our local and international interests.