The Customs & Border Control Service (CBC) stated that on the 1st of September 2020 a shipment of assorted food items which had arrived from Canada was selected for inspection by a CBC officer.

Upon inspection of a number of sealed and labeled cans which purportedly contained soup, CBC officers recovered approximately 15lbs of ganja inside the cans. 

On the 9th of September 2020, a 29 year old Caymanian male was arrested on suspicion of importation of ganja in the shipment of food items from Canada.

Director of CBC Charles Clifford applauded his officers for their diligence and consistency in enforcing our laws.  He said “This most recent seizure of drugs is another example of the efficacy of our strategy to transition from the traditional gatekeepers approach to an intelligence-led, risk management methodology.”

Director Clifford continued that “this remains an active investigation which could result in further arrests”.