The Customs & Border Control (CBC) Officers uncovered three (3) packets of marijuana and drugs in other forms concealed within imported goods.

On 27th July 2021 CBC Officers recovered 3 packets of marijuana in vegetable form along with two (2) packs of Trips Ahoy Chunky Cookies containing 600mg of THC, two (2) packs of “Cannabis Infused” Gummy Bears containing 400mg of THC and three (3) packs of marijuana Skittles. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana.


While this is not a new trend, CBC remains concerned with the innocent appearance of these drugs and for public awareness, is now publishing the images. CBC wishes to reiterate that notwithstanding the colorful and edible marijuana disguised candy and food products, this is a prohibited substance in the Cayman Islands.

Photos of illegal edibles and marijuana seized