Smuggling and Duty Evasion

Anyone found guilty of smuggling or evasion of duty will have the goods forfeited and a mandatory penalty imposed of a fine equal to three times the Duty on the goods involved.

In addition to the mandatory penalty and forfeiture of the goods, on a summary conviction in court, an additional fine and imprisonment of up to five years can be imposed.

In the case of prohibited goods the mandatory fine will be three times the current market value and seizure of the goods and additional fines and imprisonment on a conviction in court.

Whoever contravenes any procedural requirement by Customs and Border Control can be fined up to CI $1,000

Firearms and Ammunition offences

The importation of illegal firearms and ammunition can result in fines of CI $100,000 and imprisonment for 20 years.

Prohibited Drug Offences

The importation of prohibited drugs and utensils can result in fines of up to CI $20,000 and imprisonment up to 15 years.