Prohibition & Restriction

·        Any illegal drug or utensils are absolutely prohibited.

·        Any illegal drug, pipe, utensil or thing used in the preparation or consumption of any illegal drug is prohibited.

·        Any controlled drug is prohibited without lawful authorization.

·        The import of any goods depicting or bearing any reference to marijuana in any form is prohibited.

·        Counterfeit coins and notes are prohibited

·        Instruments and appliances for gambling

·        Unless they are transit goods, the export of lobster, conch or conch meat in any form is prohibited.

·        Firearms, Ammunition and Bullet proof Vest unless accompanied by a permit and firearms license signed by the Commissioner of Police.

·        Weapons: *Machine and Sub-Machine guns, *Automatic rifles, Any weapon of any description or design, adapted for the discharge of any noxious liquid or gas, Black jack, Bludgeon, Flick knife, Gravity Knife, Knuckle duster, etc., is prohibited.

·        Explosives other than gunpowder and blasting powder

·        The import of Bows, pellet guns, catapults or other manually operated weapons which are capable of projecting arrows or other missiles is prohibited unless they are accompanied by a permit signed by the Commissioner of Police, by a person in connection with his competitive sporting activities or for activities relating to the cultural or historical aspects of weapons

·        Spear guns and Hawaiian slings are prohibited under the marine conservation law.

·        The import of rice, sugar and cement is prohibited, except with the permission of the Governor, from countries of origin other than: Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Israel, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Republic of Honduras, United Kingdom and Commonwealth Countries, United States of America, Venezuela

·        Caravans and prefabricated buildings other than storehouses and aircraft hangers

·        The import of any model of the Hummer motor vehicle which exceeds 6.8 feet in width is prohibited.

·        No vehicle of a type known to the motor vehicle trade as “moke” or “mini-moke” or any similar vehicle or vehicle commonly known as a “beach buggy” or “dune buggy” or any similar vehicle. No parts for any such vehicles may be imported into or used in the Islands without the permission of the Governor.

·        No Double-decker omnibus shall be imported into or used in the Islands.

·        No person, without the prior permission of the Governor or Public Transportation Board, may import into or use in the Islands any motor vehicle which is constructed for the carriage of more than nine persons excluding the driver. Vehicles of this type must have the passenger door opening on the left side of the vehicle.

·        No motorcycle may be used in the Islands in combination with a sidecar and no sidecar may be imported into the Islands.

·        Any vehicle imported into the islands in contravention of any of the above will not be accepted for registration.

·        Obscene writings, drawings, prints, paintings, printed matter, pictures, posters, emblems, photographs, cinematograph, films, discs, tapes, or other obscene objects is prohibited.

·        Publications contrary to the public interest, which are the subject of an order made by the Governor in Cabinet

·        Other prohibitions and restrictions arise from The Animals Law, The Endangered Species and Propagation Law, The Plants Law and any other law that prohibits or restricts the import/export of certain items or anything that maybe prescribed by the Governor from time to time. Copies of all Laws can be purchased from the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly building.

Radio and Transmitters Restrictions


Importers of radio or radar apparatus must be in possession of the relevant license permit or certificate, except where exempted. Please contact the Cayman Islands Customs and Border Control Service for further information.


The import of marine radio transmitting equipment for operation in the A.M. mode only within the bands 1605 and 4000 kHz is prohibited.