One of the Customs and Border Control Service’s most important functions is to protect our borders in such a way that keeps out persons who are not conducive to the public good but also facilitates legitimate trade and travel. In performing this function we are committed to treating all persons professionally, fairly and in accordance with our immigration legislation.

All persons arriving in the Cayman Islands are required to produce to an Immigration Officer a valid passport or other travel document that establishes his identity, nationality and his place of permanent residence. You must also produce a valid visa if necessary. Find out more about Visa Applications. Visit the List of Countries to find out if you need a visa for the Cayman Islands. Find out more about Entry and Landing Requirements.

Please note: persons travelling to the Cayman Islands on a passport are not required to prove their place of permanent residence upon entry; however, persons who are able to enter without a passport (i.e. persons permanently resident in and travelling from the UK, the US or Canada) must prove their place of residence. Visit Passport Exemptions to find out more.