Coronavirus Update

There are currently no regulations requiring pre-testing to enter the Cayman Islands or testing while visiting the Cayman Islands. The Public Health recently removed requirements for COVID-19 testing by issuing a release which said:

Public Health Department has announced that effective 1st March 2023, confirmation PCR testing for positives will no longer be required and COVID testing centres will cease operations on all three islands.  LFT positive online reporting will also no longer be required.

We continue to recommend that cases and primary contacts of cases of Covid-19 continue to follow the existing advice on isolation and testing:

·Vaccinated & Unvaccinated COVID-19 positive persons will isolate for 6 days and leave isolation on day 7 as long as you have no symptoms

·Vaccinated & Unvaccinated Contacts -Persons who are primary contacts of COVID-19 positive persons must conduct daily lateral flow testing for 6 days, but may continue usual activities

Note: The day of your original positive LFT test is considered Day 0.


Getting vaccinated is still encouraged and can be arranged through the Health Services Authority by visiting


Former Official Statements on COVID-19 Measures in the Cayman Islands:


 The public is reminded that to reduce the risk of coronavirus they should practice: 

• wash hands with soap and water for no less than 20 seconds
• if you do not have access to soap and water use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (should have 60% alcohol or more to be effective)
• cover nose and mouth with elbow when coughing or sneezing, or cough or sneeze in a tissue and dispose of safely and immediately, and
• avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory symptoms.


Public Health Coronavirus Brochure


For more information contact the Public Health Department on 244-2621, or visit the links below, or follow CBC on Facebook.


Updated: 27 February 2023