A person may be refused permission to land by a Customs and Border Control officer if-

  • he is without a passport, visa or other appropriate travel documents;
  • upon his arrival, he provides false or misleading information to a Customs and Border Control officer;
  • he fails to provide information required by a Customs and Border Control officer for the purpose of deciding whether entry should be allowed and on what terms;

 he has in the past-

  • obtained a benefit by way of grant from the immigration authorities by fraud or deception; or
  • failed to observe a condition attaching to an immigration grant;
  • is a prohibited immigrant;
  • he fails to satisfy the Customs and Border Control officer that he will be admitted to another country after his stay in the Islands;
  • his sponsor is unwilling to give, if requested to do so, an undertaking to be responsible for his maintenance and accommodation during the period of any leave granted;

 the Customs and Border Control officer has information to the effect that-

  • it will be conducive to the public good to refuse him leave to enter; or
  •  he does not intend to leave the Islands at the end of the period of his visit;
  • he intends, unlawfully, to engage in gainful occupation in the Island
  • he intends, without having obtained the necessary student visa, to engage in formal studies in the Islands; or

he has insufficient funds-

  • to adequately maintain himself and his dependents without recourse to taking up employment; or
  • to meet the cost of the return or onward journey.

Right of Appeal

A person who has been refused permission to enter the Cayman Islands by a Customs and Border Control officer may appeal against this decision within seven days of the date of the decision to the Work Permit Board (or the Cayman Brac & Little Cayman Immigration Board if the immigration officer was stationed in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman at the time of the decision) whose decision is final and binding. A person making an appeal against the decision of a Customs and Border Control officer to refuse permission to enter is required to leave the Territory pending the outcome of the appeal.