How to obtain a Visa

Persons requiring a visa for entry into or transit through the Cayman Islands must apply to the nearest British Embassy or Consulate that has a Visa Section.

Note: nationals outside of Jamaica and Honduras must apply to the British Embassy using the online visa submission site:

Follow the link below for details, listed by country, of all of the UK's overseas missions. Each entry gives contact details and, where available, links to the website for each mission. Please contact the Embassy or Consulate directly to obtain an application form and details of any fees that may apply.

Applying at the UK Consulate or Missions

Multiple-entry visas

Multiple-entry visa are available, and may be issued for multiple entries over a period of twelve months, twenty-four months or thirty-six months at the discretion of the visa issuing officer. To apply for a multiple entry visa, check the appropriate box on the visa application form. The fee for a multiple-entry visa is the same as the fee for a single-entry visa.

How long does it take for a visa application to be processed?

Seven to ten working days after the application has been submitted at the Cayman Islands Visa Offices in Jamaica and Honduras. Applications submitted to a UK Overseas Mission may take over 14 days to be processed.

Visa Nationals who do not require a Visa

A person who is not a prohibited immigrant* and who satisfies an immigration officer that he is:

         I.    authorized by a work permit to work in the Cayman Islands; or

       II.    a person named in a work permit as a dependant of the licensee; or

     III.    a person who is exempted from the requirement to possess a work permit or a dependant of such a person under section 40 of the Immigration Law (2009 Revision); or

      IV.      a person who has permission to reside permanently in the Cayman Islands; or

        V.      the holder of a valid re-entry permit

is not required to produce a visa on entering the Cayman Islands even if he is a national of a country that would otherwise be required to possess a visa.


* Prohibited immigrants are defined in full in the Immigration Law (2015 Revision) but include the destitute, the mentally disordered, persons creating health hazards to the community, anyone reasonably believed to be a prostitute or living on prostitution, anyone previously deported, anyone convicted in any country of an offence for which a prison sentence of twelve months or more was imposed, and others declared to be undesirable immigrants for economic or moral reasons.