1         How do I know if I require a visa to travel to the Cayman Islands?

Visit the List of Countries to see if you need a visa.

2         After my visitor visa has been approved, how long do I have before I have to get it endorsed in my passport?

Three months from the date of approval.

3         I was notified that my visitor visa was approved, but more than three months have passed and I did not get my passport endorsed, what should I do now?

You will have to start the process over again and submit a new application for a visitor visa to be considered.

4         How long is a single entry visa valid for?

In general, a single entry visa will be valid for travel for a period of three months.

5         Why was my application for a multiple entry visa given an approval, but not for the multiple entry that I asked for?

By selecting ‘multiple entry’ on your visa application form, you are only asking for consideration of one which is left to the discretion of the Visa Issuing Officer. Issuance of a multiple entry visa is not guaranteed.

6         My visa application was refused; can I apply for a refund of fees paid?

No, the fee paid is for the processing of the application and is non-refundable.

7         What countries require a visa to travel in transit through the Cayman Islands?

Visit the Transit Visa required countries list.

8         If I am a national of a visa required country for general visits but I don’t need a visa to travel in transit, what documentation do I need to produce?

Valid travel document

9         Onward ticket to a destination outside of the islands, other than the country from which you just arrived

Departure from the Islands is to be made within 24 hours of arrival

10     Do I need a visa to enter the Cayman Islands while stopping for the day on my cruise vacation?

Yes, see the Transit Visa required countries list.