Sister Islands Customs & Border Control Service (CBC) reminds the public/importers of their obligations when importing goods.

As is common and expected each year during the busy Christmas season, the increase in the volume of air cargo requires importers to make a concerted effort to clear their goods without delay.  

Importers are required to submit an import entry declaration, complete the import entry process and collect their goods promptly from either the CBC Office or the Cayman Airways Cargo Office at the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport. 

Importers are legally required to submit an import entry declaration to CBC within seven (7) days from the date of landing/arrival of goods also known as the date of report. When importers delay the submission of their import entry declarations and the time exceeds the seven (7) days, the imported goods may be transferred to the Kings Warehouse in Grand Cayman and may be sold or otherwise disposed of after the expiry of three (3) months.

Adhering to the prompt clearing of imported goods will ensure that goods are released in a timely manner and the calculation of storage fees and any unforeseen inconveniences are avoided. There is another aspect of this for the public’s knowledge and cooperation. Due to large volumes of air cargo arriving, the prompt clearance of goods will assist in allowing for valuable and needed space for smooth operations and business continuity. 

For assistance, contact Sister Islands CBC at the Charles Kirkconnell International Airport Office at 948-1310 or Sister Islands CBC Headquarters at 649-4579 and press 8.