The Customs and Border Control Service (CBC) would like to inform the public that the fishing vessels that had cleared outbound prior to the imposition of the travel restrictions and curfew will be cleared inbound with the following stipulations :

  1. The crew would have to self-isolate on board the vessel for 14 days, as per public health and Port Authority Protocols
  2. the vessels would remain in/off the GT Harbour until the expiry of the self-isolation period, as per port Authority Protocols
  3. Wholesalers, grocery stores and restaurants would be permitted to purchase and collect seafood from the vessels providing the necessary social distancing protocols are strictly followed.
  4. No sale of the seafood is permitted to direct to consumers.
  5. With immediate effect, until further notice and in keeping with government’s policy, local fishing vessels would not be allowed to depart Cayman for the high seas or for another country and if they did so, it would with the understanding that our ports are closed and they may not be permitted re-entry while the restrictions are in place.