The Customs and Border Control (CBC) has made the largest seizure of the ecstasy drug in the Cayman Islands to date.


On Friday, May 10th, 2019 Customs & Border Control (CBC) officers at the Airport Post Office discovered the drugs hidden in a package that came as documents. CBC Deputy Director Jeff Jackson says officers were suspicious of the shipment so they decided to x-ray the package. “The X-ray machine gave us the picture that this was different from other boxes inspected.”


The Customs and Border Control Narcotics Enforcement Team was notified to investigate the matter and to track the delivery and recipient of the drugs. The white powdery substance was subsequently taken to the forensic lab for analysis which revealed that the substance contained Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA/ Ecstasy) and Ketamine.


On Tuesday, 28th May 2019 the CBC Narcotics Enforcement Team conducted an operation where they arrested the recipient of the package, a 28 year-old male Jamaican national. The man’s residence was searched by the CBC Narcotics Enforcement Team along with the RCIPS Drugs and Serious Crime Task Force (DSCTF) where several items were recovered to aid in the investigation. 


Deputy Director of CBC Jeff Jackson who has oversight and responsibility of the Enforcement Portfolio, says CBC officers subsequently arrested a 33 year-old female Caymanian national for the offence of being concerned in the importation of a controlled drug and a 20 year-old Jamaican national for being concerned in the importation of a controlled drug. He is warning people of the dangers of the drug, and is deeply concerned that the drug contained the substance Ketamine known for its history of abuse as a club drug.


The Director of the Customs and Border Control Charles Clifford said “We must emphasize that ecstasy is an extremely dangerous drug and the dangers are multiplied when it mixed with Ketamine which is a synthetic compound used as an anesthetic and analgesic drug but is also used illicitly as a hallucinogen”. Mr. Clifford continued, “So to be able to prevent these drugs from reaching our community is a big win for us. The amount of interdictions, arrests, seizures, entry and landing refusals and deportations this year by CBC has significantly increased compared to last year and we will continue to heighten our border security efforts. I must sincerely thank our CBC officers for their dedication to duty and to the national security of our country”


Deputy Director Jackson said investigations are ongoing and he has not ruled out further arrests in relation to this matter.